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Boaters' Guides

Things to do boating on the canal

These guides list information we have on our facilities and stoppages. Please note that some of the data may not be the most up-to-date and you should cross reference with the other guides that are commercially available.

Note on dimension data
The data contained in this guide is our estimate of the dimensions of our waterways based upon local knowledge and expertise. Whilst we anticipate that this data is reasonably accurate, we cannot guarantee its precision. Therefore, this data should only be used as a helpful guide and you should always use your own judgement taking into account local circumstances at any particular time.

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Navigation notes Lock and bridge info       Stoppages and restrictions
Facilities and water points Visitor moorings Bridge numbers
Winding holes Slipways and docks  

The guide will be in PDF format and may take a minute to generate and download. If you are using Windows, the window may go blank during that time.